Mahbubul Kabir Farajee


Regarding web development, technical works ‘Mahbubul Kabir Farajee’ is everyone’s go-to guy. His name comes up when one talks about the IEEE NSU SB official website. He and his team have been working hard to make it more functional, user-friendly. Mahbubul Kabir is one of the most humble, reliable people.

His consistency, dedication, attention to detail, enthusiasm, teamwork are some of the main pillars that have allowed our Branch to introduce an official website. After leading the Web-development team for almost two years, he has gained much experience managing, organising different IEEE NSU Student Branch activities and events, developing and maintaining the official website of IEEE NSU SB made him the best-fit person to serve this role.

Through her active participation, she proved her capability of doing any work assigned to her. With every team she has worked with, she has established herself as a dedicated IEEE Volunteer. She was the In-Charge of the Public Relations and Promotion team of the IEEE NSU Student Branch for the 2020-2021 panel. Here she contributed with her amazing skills and volunteering capabilities.

He performed at Global scales as the Section Lead of IEEEXtreme 15.0 and Graphic Design Assistant in IEEE Day 2021. His humble nature, admirable accomplishments, and spontaneousness whenever anything comes up, his proven commitment, and his eagerness to take INSB at higher altitudes made him the best-fit person to serve in this powerful role!