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    Our community welcomes you to boast your innovativeness through tech competitions and informative conferences. Moreover, expanding your leadership, communication and networking competencies.

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    INSB serves you the opportunity to connect with diverse people, share ideas through exclusive publications, seminars, professional and educational activities engaging you to unlock your true potential.

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    We are a medium through which you can present your tech ideas, discover your abilities and get those aha moments!

What We Do


We learn about new technologies covering many fields including designing various types of electronics, programming, robotics, etc. Along with that we also conduct different types of researches to help bring progress.


Earn new skills and polish existing ones from a wide range of options like content writing, social media management, graphic design, user interface design and web development.


Not only does being an INSB member provide you with networking opportunities and the correct exposure for the growth of your professional career, but it also allows you to meet diverse people and make friends.


INSB arranges various workshops, industrial tours, seminars and competitions that not only offer a plethora of knowledge but also experiences that help build careers.


Take part in the many beneficial contests organized and made accessible to the students by INSB and boost expertise and experience that add plus points to your CV.


From winning the "Best Exemplary Student Branch" award in Region 10 for two consecutive years to attaining the first position IEEE R10 Web Contest, INSB has had numerous praiseworthy achievements, proving itself as one of the best IEEE student branches out there!

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IEEE NSU Student Branch (INSB) is a technical subunit of IEEE societies which associates with valuable resources available from IEEE.INSB is the biggest and the most renowned IEEE branch in Bangladesh.High number of members and co-operative environment ensures INSB is the melting pot of technical brilliance and excellence.INSB is basically here to fulfill the needs of members and the mission of IEEE.It provides an opportunity for student members to begin networking in their areas of interest, and future profession as well as enjoy all the benefits and facilities of being an IEEE member.

 IEEE provides an unbeatable environment where the young engineers can hone in their crafts and also learn new skills for their career.We, INSB envision to serve, inspire and get inspired to change our community and cultivate our fellow engineers in their relative engineering fields through interactive learning, various projects/workshops, technical visits and field trips that will help them to gain a better understanding of the professional environment and technical progress and enable their careers.To achieve excellence INSB provides extensive and informative seminars which are hosted by the brightest minds of the world.

IEEE has now become a trusted and unbiased source of technical information, and forums, for technical dialog and collaboration.

IEEE is now essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and is universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

IEEE is a member run and organized platform. INSB is the biggest and the most renowned IEEE branch in Bangladesh. High number of members and co-operative environment ensures INSB is the melting pot of technical brilliance and excellence. IEEE always has been and still is a breeding ground for new and improved ideas that have been changing the world in a positive way. To achieve excellence INSB provides extensive and informative seminars and events, programs which are hosted by the brightest minds of the world of different categories like:


  • INSB organizes and hosts competitions and group projects which are sponsored by big companies like “Robi” or “Grey” . These are great platforms to get reputation which will aid the members in their career.
  • INSB has also worked hard for women's betterment. IEEE affinity group WIE(Women in Engineering) is currently the biggest organization for women in engineering.
  • Well educated, highly qualified and skilled professionals from esteemed institutions such as “Shikhbe Shobai”  also host comprehensive workshops where the INSB members can learn new traits straight from the veteran engineers.
  • INSB also organizes many Alumni events. Where the current members of INSB can mix with the ex-members and get a proper view of their career and corporate life.
  • INSB also hosts many different life skill development events. These can be educational or not. Their main purpose is to serve in real life situations for the members.

IEEE offers networking opportunities and exposure. IEEE INSB provides you with a wonderful opportunity to meet diverse people and make friends which helps to develop your communication skills, helps to make business contacts. IEEE helps you develop a research mindset, helps to make business contacts, get access to the rich literature content available on IEEE Xplore. IEEE helps to earn skills like Web development, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Social Media Management and User Interface Design. It also helps in choosing your field of interest and research(scientific articles), helps to locate career opportunities easily.

  • IEEE Spectrum Magazine subscription
  • IEEE Collabratec
  • IEEE Technical Navigator
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library discounts
  • IEEE Mentoring Program
  • IEEE Jobsite
  • IEEE Learning Network

Executive Body 2020-21 are the governing body who will conduct all the activities of the Student Branch. This includes decisions related to direction, communication with IEEE, proposals, event organizations, expenditures, recruitment, member discipline, member benefits and administrative duties related to the Student Branch.

Branch Counselor - Fahimul Haque

Chair - Mayesha Tafannum

Vice Chair - Zishan Uddin Abir

Secretary - Moshiur Rahman Faisal

Treasurer - Mahi Barkatullah

Chair, RAS Student Chapter - Mohammad Rayed

Chair, PES Student Chapter - Nazmul Hasan

Chair, IAS Student Chapter - Asif Abbas

Chair, WIE Affinity Group - Rubaiya Masnun Abanti

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