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International Women’s Day 2023!

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Strong beliefs, Purple Delight, Incomprehensible Losses, and Hearts on Sleeves.

For generations, society suppressed and constrained their high ambitions. Years of their passionate dreams were abandoned with muted words and muffled screams. But they succeeded in rising from the ashes and battling for womankind despite all the horrible challenges that were placed in their way. By using their femininity as a source of strength and their dignity as a weapon, they cleared the path for equality. They work very hard every working day to eliminate gender bias.

Today, we recognize every pioneering woman who has given their all to strengthen their sisterhood and eradicate prejudice, whether at work or at home. You have the right to voice your hopes, dreams, and opinions every day. You have the power to respect the color purple every day.

On this occasion, IEEE North South University Student Branch wishes all women across the world a very Happy International Women’s Day 2023!

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