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INSB (IEEE NSU Student Branch) is an esteemed subunit of IEEE, the largest technical professional association, that strives to build camaraderie and a sense of higher purpose amongst the students in all aspects of engineering and science fields. INSB serves its members with knowledge and skills besides making all resources, benefits and facilities available from IEEE, accessible. Established in 2007, INSB is North South University’s first internationally recognized student organization for engineers and enthusiasts. Paving the way for a successful career, promoting technological reformations and providing the correct exposure for the growth of one’s professional network, it has not only benefited its members academically but has also done so socially. Communication, management and leadership skills are enhanced through participation in the volunteering activities at this student branch. Earn skills like content writing, social media management, graphic design, user interface design and web development here, at INSB!

Mission and Vision

A powerhouse of innovation, INSB’s main goal is to ensure that its members, the engineers of tomorrow, achieve all the skills that it offers through various competitions, technical visits and workshops of IEEE.  The aim is to better the understanding of the technological progress the world is making in the respective field of engineering of the members, to challenge and push minds to the next level, and drive to make a better tomorrow. Its purpose is also to be a platform for Brainiac’s to showcase their flair and gain the deserved recognition. It allows one to get an idea about how to tackle real life engineering problems and focuses on the growth of social media management, graphic design and web development skills of its members.

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IEEE NSU Student Branch has three societies and one Affinity Group. They are- IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS), IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), and Women in Engineering Affinity Group (WIE). These branches provide the members a range of options and a better understanding of their fields of interest.

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The governing body that leads this booming student branch with triumphant experts includes the Branch Counselor, Branch Mentor, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, the Chairs of the student chapters and the affinity group. They assist and conduct all the activities of INSB along with the in-charges and core volunteers. Immaculate hard work and proficiency is endowed by the leaders who direct and organize the events, carry out the administrative duties related to the Student Branch, communicate with IEEE, hold recruitment events and ensure that members reap the benefits. They ensure that the missions of INSB are accomplished as the members actively participate in national and global competitions, and proudly represent NSU. Not only do the seniors help the students in matters related to IEEE, but they also do so for other aspects of their university lives, which only adds to the benefits of joining INSB.

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Out of the many incredible achievements of INSB, being awarded the “Best Exemplary Student Branch” in Region 10 for two consecutive years is laudable. In 2009, INSB was honored by its well deserved accolade of “The Best Student Branch” in the IEEE Bangladesh Section. First Positions in the IEEE R10 Web Contest in 2018, in the global IEEE Day Contests in 2017, in the Long Video Contest and the second position in the Photo Contest (Technical Category) are other praiseworthy accomplishments. INSB has earned international recognition, succeeded in providing its members with professional satisfaction and prestige in the form of awards, certificates and other prizes. These achievements serve as meritorious additions to one’s resume, further heightening the chances of turning work potential into employment in the future.



IEEE NSU Student Branch arranges different superlative events such as workshops, industrial tours, seminars and competitions that aid members to amplify their knowledge, acquire lots of skills and experiences. International and local events provide an insight into the technological and scientific advancements in the relative fields and the members gain extensive knowledge and profound experiences that benefit them in the long run. Out of the numerous events arranged by INSB, one example is the  Student Competition IEEE Xtreme which boosts expertise and allows the participants to earn accolades. INSB offers free webinars for its members.

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