IEEE NSU RAS Student Branch Chapter

About RAS

IEEE NSU Robotics and Automation Society Student Chapter is a technical chapter of IEEE NSU Student Branch focusing on the research, study, and exchange of knowledge regarding Robotics & Automation.

It was established on the 5th January 2017. It is the first Robotics and Automation Society Student Chapter in Bangladesh.

IEEE NSU RAS SB Chapter, since its inception, has played an important role to promote robotics & automation within its local community. It’s constantly evolving itself through training its members to be future leaders in the field of robotics & automation. In the two short years since its commencement, the society has organized a good number of quality technical, general, and professional events to facilitate learning and knowledge in the field of robotics and automation. 

Keeping in line with the parent body of IEEE RAS, the IEEE NSU RAS SB Chapter is always dedicated to maintaining good academic standards in research and other literary forms relating to this field.

Featured Events

Project Showcase on Robotics & Automation for Better Future

Zero Robotics: International Space Station for Bangladesh.


Research Article: Publication Process and Ethical Issues.

Mission & Vision

The mission & vision of IEEE NSU RAS SB Chapter is to make this student chapter a shining beacon of quality, creativity, academic integrity, and innovation. From the very beginning IEEE NSU RAS SB Chapter has been encouraging the dissipation of robotics and automation-related knowledge within the engineering student body of North South University. Since the beginning of IEEE NSU RAS SB Chapter, its members have been actively and enthusiastically bringing into realization workshops on robotics. IEEE NSU RAS SB Chapter aims to
● Promote and foster the development of robotics and automation in an academic setting
● Get members interested in robotics and automation to dive deeper and gain practical knowledge
● Give potentially interested IEEE members adequate exposure to the field of Robotics and Automation
● Foster research among IEEE NSU student body relating to the field of robotics and automation
● Produce leaders in the field of engineering through the continued support of IEEE NSU RAS.

Executive body

Lamia Iftekhar


Zahid Hasan


Samiha Tasnim Maisha


What is RAS?

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is known as RAS. Through striving for the advancement of the theory and practice of robotics and automation engineering, it maintains high professional standards among its members. The mission of RAS is to develop and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge and thoughts in Robotics and Automation for the benefit of members as well as humanity. The Society also provides aid for promoting close cooperation and exchanging technical information among its Members and Affiliates.

Why join RAS?

When you join RAS, you will be joining a professional society of the IEEE that supports the development and the exchange of scientific knowledge in robotics and automation, including applied and theoretical issues. RAS Membership provides you with the resources and opportunities you need to keep yourself updated about the recent technologies and inventions in the field of Robotics and Automation.  Also, you get to network with other professionals near you who share a similar technical interest as you.

What activities do we usually do?

We host many events, seminars, workshops, Tech-talks and weekly meetings throughout the year on various topics in robotics and automation. It helps the members to gather more knowledge about Robotics and Automation. Also, the members get the chance to learn new skills and develop those skills by participating in events.

How to join IEEE NSU RAS SBC?

To join IEEE NSU RAS SBC, you will have to go through a simple evaluation process. For that, you will have to write us an email answering some easy questions which will be given to you.


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