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IEEE Bangladesh Section was formed in November 1993 with just 54 members. But now IEEE BD Sec has a huge community with a lot of members from different countries. Recently IEEE Bangladesh Community is holding the position right after India, USA, China and Canada. Bangladesh Section is maintaining the 5th ranking among 342 sections all over 160 countries in the world



 IEEE BD section is growing up day by day with it’s great motion. It is helping by staying current with the fast-changing world of technology and science with the professional communities belong to the world wide IEEE. There are many services including IEEE books and eBooks, journals and articles, conferences and proceeding and many educational courses with much reduced rates or offers. IEEE BD Section is going ahead with a mission of ensuring benefits of the students properly



IEEE BD Sec achieving more and more by the creative and hardworking members, student members and volunteers. There are many achievements in Bangladesh Section. Here is some popular achievements list bellow


Student Branches

IEEE Bangladesh Student Branches are taking the unprecedented steps day by day and going ahead as a big ripple in the whole world. In Bangladesh there are 1500+ students including graduate and non-graduate students. Here is the student branch details and the list of student branches link bellow


Affinity Groups

IEEE Bangladesh Section has two affinity groups. They are- WIE(Women in Engineering) Affinity group and YP(Young Professional) Bangladesh Section. These two communities are the most significant and efficient  community in Bangladesh Section and also in the international sectors

Affinity groups in IEEE Bangladesh Section


Events and Conference

The events and conferences is the most important and precious part of the IEEE BD Section. With this Bangladesh can communicate with all over the world. Their are many kinds of efficient workshops, seminars, events and conferences which are helping deeply in Bangladesh Section’s stepping ahead

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Industrial Site

IEEE BD Section is involving in many kinds of industrial sectors and developing the skills of the members in BDS. Day by day the rates of seminars, tours and conferences are increasing and the focus of these events and seminars are getting close to professionalism and industrial approaches


Members and volunteers

IEEE BD members are very active and they are growing their initiative works with perfections and making connection with world wide electrical engineering sides. Prof. Celia Shahnaz, the Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section is organizing effective student activities all the year round and also congratulating all student members of Bangladesh Section. IEEE BD Section is receiving overwhelming response from IEEE members and volunteers all over the world

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Community and society

IEEE BDS has a huge Community with many Associations. Like- WIE(women in Engineering), IAS(Industry Application Society), PES(Power and Energy Society), YP(Young Professionals) etc.

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What's New Now A Days

IEEE BDS is improving day by day and improvements are all related to technical site, communication site, electrical site and also Computer and Engineering site. Recently  IEEE Bangladesh Section is presenting for the first time ever membership development event and also in this pandemic situation BDS arranged the International COVID19 Congress(ICC-2020) virtual type events for the students and members awareness.

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Contact Us

Chair: Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz

Email: [email protected] |  [email protected]

Secretary: Raihan Razeen

Email: [email protected] Salma [Office Secretary]

Ms. Salma [Office Secretary]:  +88- 01992-30 06 79