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Future in the hands of Artificial Intelligence

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“To err is to human.” Fortunately, that is not the case for AI/robots. Artificial intelligence is so improved and developed that robots can flawlessly do tasks that humans cannot do. The reports and data analyses done by AI are more accurate, faster, and flawless than that of humans. The diagnosis of medical conditions is more precise and quicker than the physician who studied in the medical science field for years. So, if the results of AI are more specific and faster, then why the world would depend on humans? Besides, robots are faster learners than humans too. When babies are born, the first thing that they struggle to learn is walking. It takes at least 9 months for a baby to start walking. But when it comes to robots, they can learn to walk within hours, which is impossible for any human baby. This says that robots’ capability, efficiency, and potential are far more than humans’, although robots are one of the creations of humans. While creating better AI  than before, humans got so good at it that now their own creations have become a competition for themselves. With all these stated human tasks which Artificial Intelligence can do in the better way possible, how much time will it take before AI takes over humans’ jobs? 

If we are to speak in statistics, according to a report of World Economic Forum, by the year 2025,  85 million jobs will be replaced by AI. Moreover, the same report says that due to the introduction of the new AI’s, there will be 97 million new jobs by the same year, 2025. Undoubtedly, it will be frustrating for some particular group of people whose jobs will be taken away for the improvement of AI. Still, on the contrary, it will bring good to others who will have the chance to get totally new kinds of jobs created by AI. While some people’s fate will be taken by AI, others will be facilitated by it. So, this is where the tables will turn in the future, from humans creating AIs for getting their jobs done to AIs creating new jobs to get their work done. 

The good news is that Artificial Intelligence will make life easier like it has been since the beginning of its creation. The bad news is that while making life easier for people, many people will get fired too. This change is not imminent right now, but it is a sure thing to happen in the future that AI will replace a large number of jobs. Jobs like data entry, customer service executives,  bookkeeping, receptionists, proofreading, manufacturing and pharmaceutical works, doctors, and even soldiers can be replaced by AI. The head of the UK military stated that they will launch autonomous robots, which will be one-quarter of the British Army by 2030. Soldiers being replaced by robots is something unthinkable, but it will happen soon. Thus, people of some particular sectors will suffer from job loss. They will have no choice but to give up because of the excellence of robots. Now, if they do not keep option B for themselves, they will surely be in big financial trouble. If around 85 million people lose their jobs, it will affect an individual and influence a country’s economy and standard lifestyle as well. Individuals will suffer from loss of regular income, rents, bills and family problems, grief, and anxiety. Unemployed people that too due to robots will make them suffer from depression other than the financial crisis. 

On the other hand, companies and institutions will be highly benefitted from the improvement of  AI because they will get more jobs done with a lesser amount of payments. Companies will have to invest for launching or buying the AI supports, but, overall, they will profit from it since this

will be a good investment. With AI, they will have a strong workforce for a long time, and they won’t have to pay individual salaries like they had to pay for the employees before. The fired employees will be at a loss, but the companies will be in profit. 

Due to new mechanization and technology, people will have to adapt to new works and working styles. If employees can adapt and adjust to new works, they can save themselves from job loss.  Furthermore, new jobs will be available. So, if people can make themselves skilled enough to do new jobs, they will be able to bring some good out of it. Artificial intelligence is already among humans. It will soon take over a lot from humans. AI is already doing enough brain works. It is now human intelligence’s part to handle the given situation smartly.

Written By-
Ali Maysha
North South University

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