Workshop On Microcontroller and Arduino Based Circuit Design

In collaboration with FaboTronix, “IEEE NSU Industry Applications Society (IAS) Student Branch Chapter”  hosted a skill development workshop of 2 days. “Microcontroller and Arduino Based Circuit Design”  titled workshop was hosted on 25th and 26th February 2021 at 7 PM entitled. The fabotronix team  conducted the workshop. This two days’ workshop was successfully maintained by the Chairman, CEO  and COO of the Fabotronix team. The webinar was open for all university students, alumni, and  professionals. Fabotronix team started the workshop from the very beginning as the participants were  beginners in Arduino. They introduced the Online Simulation Platform and the working principles, and  how to design hardware using Arduino. They gave wonderful instructions and support throughout two  days, and the participants were successful to learn about it. They mainly discussed three projects in this  session. Firstly, about the “RGB LED PWM” tutorial using Online Simulation Platform. Secondly, distance  displaying devices and, finally, obstacle avoidance robots. Though the workshop was conducted online,  the workshop was outstanding, and everyone got full support and benefits. Participants were curious throughout this whole session. They were excited to learn about these new things. The  fabotronix team makes sure that every participant is comfortable with the software and the newly  created project. This practical knowledge will help the participants in future for sure. Later the  fabotronix team discussed the increasing demand for Microcontroller and Arduino Based projects.  Nowadays, it is the most demanding skill of how you are implementing microcontroller and Arduino  projects. The participants enriched themselves with talent and made the workshop successful. The  participants seemed very active and curious throughout the whole session.


Feb 25 - 26 2021