Workshop: Introduction to GitHub.

Every year, IEEE NSU Student Branch (INSB) celebrates IEEE Day with numerous segments and series of events. This year was no different rather challenging as we did it by organizing events online. INSB celebrated IEEE Day’20 with several technical events that carry the broadly created legacy of this historical occasion.

On 24th October 2020, INSB organized a virtual Workshop on the Introduction to GitHub. Almost every Engineering student is familiar with the name GitHub, yet uninformed about the uses of this resourceful application in student life as well as a professional. Even the lack of basic knowledge about GitHub is one of the most familiar scenarios that a student struggles throughout the semester and hence, ends up wasting time in such crucial moments such as projects. INSB understood the problems students face regarding hence came up with this idea of organizing a workshop named as, “Workshop: Introduction to GitHub.” The honorable speaker for this workshop was Zubier Abdullah, Software Developer, Tata Consultancy Services. Mr. Zubier completed his Bachelors in North South University and Masters at Ryerson University in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Mr. Zubier started the workshop by explaining our participants about the uses and importance of GitHub. He also shared his experience in using GitHub in his undergraduate studies, and how students in his time had a hard time using GitHub for project work purposes and how he’s still relying on this platform to monitor and consult his valuable projects. On the job applications, how GitHub is required to show your previous works. He taught our participants about how to open up a GitHub and how to set it up according to the needs of a project and introduced our participants with some common terms and the workflow in GitHub. He also shared some tips with our participants on how to showcase one project in a more professional way and also gave some hand-on experience on GitHub to our participants. On & all workshops to cheer for long!

The session was joined by students from different universities as it was kept open for all. This also worked as a medium of creating networks among the newbies as well as the seniors from different institutions. As every topic was being discussed, our enthusiastic participants were also holding up their queries to our honorable speaker regarding the uses of GitHub and the speaker was delighted to answer those questions. The session was tried to keep as interactive as possible to keep the participants attentive the whole time and the response was more than it was expected.

At the very end of it, Mr. Zubier Abdullah was honored with an E-certificate as a token of appreciation. Everyone took a picture on google meet and then ended the workshop at around 9pm.


Oct 24 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm