Webinar on “PES Membership Benefits in Professional Life”.

IEEE NSU Power & Energy Society Student Branch Chapter collaborated with AUST PES to successfully arrange a webinar titled “PES Membership Benefits in Professional Life” in association with IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter on 28th  of August, 2020 on an online platform known as “Google Meet”. The webinar had a total of 89 participants, out of which, 87 were IEEE members and 2 were non-IEEE members. The Webinar was glorified through the presence of Dean Sharafi, Governing Board Member of IEEE PES and Chiranjeevi Bala Kotharu, Member of Long Range Planning Committee, IEEE PES. Often there are a lot of students who are members of IEEE, end up joining IEEE PES without even knowing the advantages and perks that they can get. There are times when a fellow IEEE member often finds themselves in a bind on whether or not to join IEEE Power and Energy Society. They have confusions like : “Why should they pay to get IEEE PES membership? Will it do any good in their career? On what type of activities will I get to attend?” To clarify all these confusions, IEEE NSU PES Student Branch Chapter & IEEE PES AUST Student Branch Chapter collaborated and organized a webinar titled as “PES Membership Benefits in Professional Life” in association with IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter. This webinar focused on the benefits and what to expect from being a member of IEEE PES for an engineering student in their senior year, or a fresher or a graduate student who is thinking of starting a career. Mr. Bala told the students about all the stuff they can get like getting access to journals and papers of distinguished researchers for free, finding excellent and intelligent mentors and also making nice friends with addition to getting discounts at dozens of PES sponsored or co-sponsored conferences and meetings in your area and around the world.Other distinguished guests who were present to motivate theThe whole session was quite interactive and inspiring. The attendees expressed great interest and excitement towards the webinar.

Finally, the webinar ended with Q&A session and the participants were delighted to be able to get their confusions cleared with the help of this wonderful webinar.


Aug 28 2020