Webinar on IEEE Student Awards.

On 31st October 2020, IEEE NSU Student Branch organized a webinar on, “IEEE Student awards.” The purpose of this webinar was to make students aware of the awards that can be earned from IEEE and how these recognitions play a significant role as students and professional careers as well. The main objectives of the webinar were to let the student members know about the value of IEEE Students awards to add up in their career and the evaluation process for these awards. We had three prominent speakers with us for the webinar. All of them are recipients of IEEE Student Awards in different categories.

At first, Ahmad Azuad Yaseer; Chair of IEEE IUT Student branch began with sharing his experience with IEEE and his journey to achieve the IEEE Student awards. He received the IEEE CS REM AWARD and shared about the habits that helped getting there. The award is more about balancing the academics and co-curricular activities. He talked about the requirements, processes to apply and the honor this award brings.

The webinar then was preceded by Ms. Indhumathi Gunasekaran; Former Chair of IEEE PIT SB WIE AG. She is the recipient of IEEE WIE Inspiring Student Member Award (2020), she also earned the IEEE Computer Society REM Scholarship (2019). Our participants found her session the most motivational and interactive as there were several questions asked right after the discussion. She talked about her endeavor with IEEE and how she got to know about IEEE Student Awards. She also shared some hacks and tips to our participants regarding IEEE Student Awards.

Last but not the least, we had Sahil Sameer; Former Student Representative, IEEE Kochi Subsection. He is the recipient of one of the most prestigious IEEE Student Awards; Larry K.Wilson Regional Award (2020). He focused more on the evaluation process for IEEE Student awards and difficulties one may face and how to overcome in the journey to achieve any Student awards. His session was the most interactive one, as it involved our participants putting their queries regarding the Student award evaluation.

The webinar ended with a Question-answer session. Our participants were pretty enthusiastic to know more about the IEEE Student awards, they asked quite a few relevant questions. Our speakers were delighted to answer those questions.

The speakers were honored with E-Certificates and photos were taken with our speakers along with our participants as a token of memory.

The webinar ended at around 8pm.


Oct 31 2020


6:30 pm