Event poster of the webinar

Webinar on “Control Systems in Physiology: Your Heart, Your Brain and in Between”

Aiming to enlighten theA snap of the event ongoing students with the unique topic “Control System in Physiology,” an  extraordinary webinar was successfully hosted by IEEE NSU Robotics & Automation Society  Student Branch Chapter (IEEE NSU RAS SBC) in collaboration with IEEE NSU Student Branch (IEEE NSU SB) on 16th July 2021. The primary intention of this webinar was to enhance the  expertise of students on the relation between the control systems and human physiology.

The esteemed speaker for this virtual event was Valentin Siderskiy, a Ph.D. student in the  Integrative Human Physiology Lab at Rutgers University. He shared a brief notable speech  about his own experience in the control system also the relationship between the control

system and circulatory system of the human body. Around 50 students from the ECE  department participated in the webinar and acquainted themselves with control anA snap of the event ongoing, where we can see the participants and the speaker having an interactive sessiond  physiology. It was one of the most anticipated webinars since students could get an  accomplished experience in the control system.

The organizers gathered feedback from the participants to enhance the quality and  effectiveness of future events. The experience and guidance from our speaker proved  effective in triggering excitement amongst our students to attend the upcoming RAS  workshops. An interactive Q&A session was held at the end of the webinar. The session  concluded at 8:30 pm.

Total Participants: 50


Jul 16 2021