Talk-Session on Perks of Volunteering in Career Building.

To celebrate the IEEEDay’20, IEEE North South University Student Branch (INSB) has organized a series of events, one of which was a talk-session titled as “Perks of Volunteering in Career Building” on the online platform “Google Meet” on 30th October, 2020. The event was focused on overall understanding of volunteering concepts and benefits that volunteers acquire through their journey that helps them in their professional career. Being a technical community, INSB always motivates the members from technical fields to participate in these sessions but this time the session was open for all to encourage the students who are not even involved with any volunteering experience yet.

The sessions started with Mr. Shams Shad Rafi talking about balancing the co-curricular activities along academics. How students get connected with a new community by volunteering and the help it brings in academics also by having people around sharing the same interest was explained thoroughly. Then Mr. ARM Abdullah Rocky added some key points and kept discussing the benefits of volunteering in the corporates. He talked about the transition of a student to the professional world and how he was able pull out the best out of himself in adverse situations by following the morals he pursued during his volunteering days, how volunteering made his life easier and he could make a stronger presence by implementing the theories he learnt as a volunteer. The sessions were kept as interactive as possible to make sure the listeners are getting the benefits they hoped for. During every session audiences were asked about their interests and experiences to cheer them up.

During the last half-hour, the speakers talked about the ladders a student has to cross to gain accomplishment and earn recognition in the field of volunteering, what makes a volunteer better than others, unique traits a volunteer must have to succeed and how these recognitions help in the professional career. Also discussed about the scholarships and prizes volunteering brings along and the opportunities to greet with some of the best individuals of various sectors that conquered the quests of volunteering before.

At the very end, the speakers were honored with certificates and pictures were taken of the session with all the attendees. A feedback form was also provided to the participants to know about their learnings and experiences from the event.


Oct 30 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm