Security in Computing: Attacks, Prevention and Awareness

This February 2021, IEEE NSU Industry Applications Society Student Branch Chapter hosted a webinar  entitled” Security in Computing: Attacks, Prevention and Awareness”. The event was held on Tuesday,  February 16, 2021, AT 7:30 PM UTC+06 through Google Meets. This webinar was for all the  Undergraduate students, Post Graduate students, Master’s students, alumni of all the universities.  There were three speakers. Our first speaker, Professor (Dr.) Parma Nand’s explained the overview and  fundamental idea of cybersecurity. Dr Bharat Bhushan discussed why cybersecurity is essential and how  to get started building a cybersecurity program in this instalment of our Data Protection 101 series. In  recent years, cybersecurity has become vital in all organizations. He explained a growing need to acquire  in-demand skills and specialized knowledge in all aspects of cybersecurity such as Blockchain, Big Data,  IoT to mitigate this risk. Finally, the event ended through the speech of Mr Avinash Kumar. There was a  detailed discussion of cybersecurity and cyber-attacks. Through the webinar, students had the  opportunity to discuss the overview of Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks and to fulfil their queries. From this  webinar, the student learnt about the cybersecurity world. This practical webinar was a fantastic  opportunity for the new learners and the explorer as well. Nowadays, it is the most demanding topic of  how cybersecurity and cyberattack works. These well-known three speakers conducted an extraordinary  session, and the participants were satisfied too. The students enriched their knowledge about the  adverse effects of cyber-attacks and why cybersecurity is essential.


Feb 16 2021


7:30 pm