Robotics for the Unprivileged

To encourage underprivileged students in robotics, IEEE NSU Robotics & Automation Society Student Branch An instructor teaching one of the participantsA participant showing his robotChapter (IEEE NSU RAS SBC) organized an anticipated workshop for the underprivileged childreAll the participants in one framen, namely “Robotics for the underprivileged.” on 19th July 2021.

The workshop started at 1 pm with an interactive ice-breaking session. There were 2 projects- a walking robot and a simple car and also the students were divided into teams of two for completing the projects. Three of IEEE NSU RAS SBC student members successfully instructed the kids to complete the do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. At the first phase, the kids made a model of a buzzer system with the help of the instructors, and finally, they built a simple bot car

The primary motive of this workshop was to allow the underprivileged children who are very much in need of gaining ideas about robotics and automation. Although this was a humanitarian initiative to produce explorers and ensure that they can also get the opportunities to explore, innovate, and make themselves enthusiastic. The components were given as a gift to the kids to learn and experiment further, and also they were given refreshment packs.

Total Participants: 11


Jul 19 2021