Power Express with S.M. Nurul Islam Faruk.

On July 16, 2019, a technical and insightful seminar on “Basic Grid Substation Operation and  Maintenance” was organized by IEEE Power & Energy Society- Bangladesh Chapter, Co organized by IEEE NSU PES Student Branch Chapter, back on July 16, 2019, in the premises  of North South University. A total of 65+ students were present in the event, which was  decorated by the speaker S.M. Nurul Islam Faruk, Executive Engineer of Power Grid  Company of Bangladesh, a Government Enterprise of Bangladesh. The event was also  glorified by Professor Dr Shahidul Islam Khan, Founder Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section  and Current Chair of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter; Professor Dr K.M.A. Salam, Head of  Dept. of ECE, North South University, Ms Rummana Rahman, Senior Lecturer, dept. Of  ECE, NSU; Dr Shohana Rahman Deeba, Asst. Professor of dept. Of ECE, NSU. The  audience had the opportunity to grab some valuable points from Dr. khan, Dr Salam. Also,  the Secretary of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter had described the future programs of the  chapter and invited the students to take part in those events actively. PowerExpress with S.M. Nurul Islam Faruk was a technical seminar where students will  learn about substation operation and maintenance. This technical seminar was organized by  IEEE NSU PES Student Branch Chapter in collaboration with IEEE PES Bangladesh  Chapter, where we had invited one prominent Executive Engineer of Power Grid Company of  Bangladesh (PGCB), a government enterprise to talk regarding the job placement or practical  engineering field. This technical seminar focused on the required knowledge for a fresher or want-to-be power  engineer, which will be needed to operate and maintain different power production unit and  distribution companies of Bangladesh-both public and private. Several mega projects of  government also require power engineers to be engaged in the field level, where an extremely  knowledgeable person will be required. After the session, the participants were given certificates, and the guest was honoured with  souvenirs by the faculty advisor of IEEE PES SBC, Rummana Rahman. The session ended  by taking a group photo with the respected guest.


Jul 16 2019