IEEE Membership Perks

In collaboration with IEEE IUT Student Branch, IEEE NSU Student Branch brings together another seminar on “IEEE Membership Perks” in celebration of IEEE Day 2022 at North South University.
The center of this seminar will be on the benefits and perspectives of membership in IEEE, the world’s largest technical organization. To carry on with the IEEE membership, each year, every member must undergo a renewal process. New members are recruited every year in demand to create a strong professional network. By joining IEEE, a student will join a platform of over 420,000 technology and engineering professionals who share an interest in developing, engaging, and learning continuously about the betterment of technology. The members will build a connection within their local area or a similar technical interest to enhance their knowledge and interest. So join this program on “IEEE Membership Perks” to get a broader idea about these insights and get on board with IEEE in the era of technical advancement. This seminar will take place at AUDI 801 at North South University, on 8th October 2022.


Oct 08 2022


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


BDT 120.00

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