IEEE Day Celebration by IEEE NSU Student Branch.

On 23rd October 2020, IEEE NSU Student Branch (INSB) welcomed new members to IEEE through a virtual event on the special occasion of IEEEDAY. IEEEDAY is celebrated every year since the inception of INSB. There couldn’t be a better opportunity to introduce the new faces with IEEE.

At first, there was an introduction part and then the main agenda of the event which was the IEEEDAY celebration discussed thoroughly. The conversations were about generating new ideas for the event, how it can be celebrated in a better way, and organizing a series of events for IEEEDAY.  Suggestions were taken and the decision was that segments of the event will be finalized after further discussions among the executive body

For the orientation, there were some segments such as introducing the resources, advancements and benefits of being an IEEE member. How the community is dedicatedly working for technological betterment, how efficient IEEE is to have people around you sharing the same interest all were discussed. The senior members also added their experiences and insights to the new members. The meeting was so interactive that enthusiastic students had so much interest towards volunteering for this community. They also shared their prior volunteering experiences and works.

At the very end, everyone was overwhelmed and the arrangements were appreciated. A picture was taken altogether and the meeting ended around  7pm. Total Participants : 40. Participated IEEE members: 30


Oct 23 2020


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm