Electrical Load Dis-aggregation, Load Prediction and Demand Response in Commercial Buildings

Dr. Imran Rahman, an alumnus of North South University was invited to take the session. At the seminar, he covered different topics such as electricity demand response, data analytics, load  predictions and disaggregation. The seminar was very lively and included a Q/A session. His work focuses  on electrical load prediction both at a total building, and individual floor level. A novel DR algorithm will  be presented, that controls single floor HVAC and lighting loads in a commercial building, based on a user  generated bid price for electricity in a trans-active energy market, user preferences and load priorities,  when electricity demand is at its peak. It was a privilege to be able to host him.  Total Participants: 22, Participated IEEE members: 15.


Jan 21 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm