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Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman Sir

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IEEE NSU Student Branch- INSB heartily congratulates and extends the warmest welcome to Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman for being the IEEE President for 2023.

Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman is an IEEE Life Fellow and has served as the 2022 President-elect. With experience and serving in IEEE for over 40 years has immense contribution and engagement in all 10 regions coming across young minds in academics and professionals along with career and industry executives. Dr. Rahman also had an engagement with members and volunteers globally with the insights to advance in their professional careers.

Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman also served as the 2018-19 President of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (IEEE PES) while also establishing IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Program. And with these immense contributions and milestones, we heartily congratulate Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman on his new role as the President for 2023.

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