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Artificial Intelligence upon Human: Serendipity or Subdued

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Artificial Intelligence or AI appears to be on everyone’s lip these days. Whether AI will take over jobs in future, what will the future be for human and what affect will the AI  bring to the work life, what will AI mean for the future of work. All these questions have arisen as computers and technology have progressed. John McCarthy initially invented  the term artificial intelligence (AI) in 1956, defining it as “the science and engineering of  creating intelligent machines, which is the simulation of human intelligence processed  by computers.” However, today’s AI is based on the current state of the art and functions as an optimizer. It is still debated if AI poses a threat to humanity. While no one can predict exactly how AI’s will evolve in the future, the current trends and developments picture of how AI will become part of our lives. 

To begin with the pressing question, what will happen to human if AI takes over all our jobs. When it comes to employment being “taken over” by AI, it’s more likely to say that the more complex and specialized jobs will be “replaced” by AI. AI’s or Robots have a  unique strength which is they are strongly programmed to be precise, fast, be able to store more data and information, and lacking emotions and sense for which they won’t be off to any machined and complex works and be more efficient. Thus the jobs AI will take and be replaced by are more of the routine, repetitive, optimizing jobs along with the high and more complex jobs. Since AI be taking over the more complex and programmed jobs, it brings to the possibilities and what works could humans be doing in the AI era. AI will bring us serendipity as it will help us know the true existence of human life. Human life is not about the routine jobs. Human purpose in life is not only about working hard and attain wealth and respect but more about expressing love and compassion, making a positive difference to others and the social values. 

People are more interested in which jobs the AI will take over. However, people should begin to consider the educational system and how to lead effectively in the AI future.  The current education system is designed for the industrial period and preparing them to work in that environment. However, in the AI era, this expertise will be less useful because all complicated tasks will be performed by machines and AIs, which will be more efficient. As a result, the current educational system must be altered in order to make future humankind wiser and more confident. Spending time on more creative and compassionate knowledge while also appreciating what we study is the key to education. If they learn these creative and compassionate skills, they will be happier and live more like humans. People will work in jobs that they enjoy. With time, a more diverse work culture will emerge. Thus, during the next 10-20 years, the educational  system must be modified to ensure that children are able to find work and live a normal life. If we don’t start altering the educational system now, it will be too late to adjust with the era.

In the AI era, AI will help in sustainability, and humans will be able to live a better lives.  When AI be takes over the jobs and humans use AI, they will gain a greater  understanding of themselves, allowing them to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.  Majority of the disease caused by the poor behavior and the work related stress. But in  AI era human will be more into the compassion and valued works thus making them to think and care for themselves. And thus during the AI era, humans are expected to live longer Also considering the future compassionate works, we will require more social  workers for a transition, more compassionate caregivers for medical care, more human touch jobs like teaching as we will need to assist the children to a greater expanse as well as to adapt with the new work culture. In the AI era we human will be able to  collaborate with AI. AI will take over the regular and complex jobs relieving us of the stress and be grateful in due time. AI can be useful for creative occupations, as well as working with humans as an analytical tool that humans can use for high-compassion  jobs. As a result, humans will be able to live to the true experience. 

AI is serendipity. It has been introduced to liberate us from the routine jobs. And it is here to remind us what it truly is that makes us human. Replacing the stressful and more complex works and providing with the scope of alternate jobs that are more  compassion for human. Also to live our lives healthier and happier and finding the true existence of mankind. So it’s for us to choose and embrace AI and experiencing a better world.

Written By
Mashnoon Adib
North South University