Ayon Deb

Secretary (Technical)

An all-rounder, excelling at both academics and extracurricular activities alike, with his stupendous skills of leadership and praiseworthy dedication, we are extremely honoured to have Ayon Deb as the Secretary (Technical) of IEEE NSU Student Branch for the year 2022.

Serving as the in-charge of the Content Writing and Publications team of INSB, Ayon Deb has exhibited exceptional administrative expertise and has led his team to success time and again. He has proven himself as a capable team player with an extraordinary skillset through his amazing achievements that uphold the honour of INSB. He is a devoted member of IEEE, having served different roles in our student branch and proving his confidence, creativity and consistency. Not to mention, his ability to build fruitful and constructive professional relationships is excellent.

He performed at Global scales as the Section Lead of IEEEXtreme 15.0 and Graphic Design Assistant in IEEE Day 2021. His humble nature, admirable accomplishments, and spontaneousness whenever anything comes up, his proven commitment, and his eagerness to take INSB at higher altitudes made him the best-fit person to serve in this powerful role!