Faiza Zabin Fiza

Secretary (Activity)

A person who is not only honest with her words but also with her work ethic. With her excellent work ethic, Sincerity and patience she ensures perfection. She made an impression on the IEEE community with her dedication and intelligence. She is hard-working and well-liked by all. She has been a very active IEEE volunteer since the beginning.

Through her active participation, she proved her capability of doing any work assigned to her. With every team she has worked with, she has established herself as a dedicated IEEE Volunteer. She was the In-Charge of the Public Relations and Promotion team of the IEEE NSU Student Branch for the 2020-2021 panel. Here she contributed with her amazing skills and volunteering capabilities.

He performed at Global scales as the Section Lead of IEEEXtreme 15.0 and Graphic Design Assistant in IEEE Day 2021. His humble nature, admirable accomplishments, and spontaneousness whenever anything comes up, his proven commitment, and his eagerness to take INSB at higher altitudes made him the best-fit person to serve in this powerful role!